Westwick Builders LLP. offers Construction Management, Design-Building and General Contracting Services for project delivery and will evaluate the advantages of each method to determine which will best suit the owner's needs.

The Construction Management method allows the owner to fast-track delivery of the project, with Westwick Builders LLP. being involved to assist during the design phase. During the design phase, Westwick manages the construction cost and is responsible for the management of the construction team. This method is based on a cost management fee. One advantage is that the competitiveness of construction cost is maintained while using this method. Westwick Builders solicits competitive proposals from multiple contractors for each construction phase. Evaluations are made on the submitted proposals and recommendations are made to the owner regarding which proposal best suits the project requirements.

In the Design-Building method of construction, Westwick Builders LLP. selects and employs an architect to work as part of the project team. The entire design and construction process is coordinated and completed by Westwick Builders LLP. This method has several advantages, such as significant cost savings through use of cost effective construction, fast-track design/construction and budgeting of the project early in the process. Design building offers the owner the ability to have his or her project managed from inception to completion.

This method of project delivery is predominantly used throughout the construction industry. Westwick Builders LLP. becomes involved after the design process has been completed. The owner maintains a single point of contact for the construction process. Westwick Builders LLP. provides a proposal for the scope of work as defined by the project documents prepared by the owner and architect. After award of the project, Westwick Builders LLP. is the single point of contact for the owner and is responsible for maintaining the construction cost, schedule and quality. This method can be based on a lump sum or negotiated contract.